If you are looking at US Federal Funding – Begin SAM Registration NOW

  • October 5, 2023

As someone who is interested in applying for federal grants, it is important to understand the significance of registering early with the System for Awards Management (SAM). SAM is a platform that allows individuals and organizations to apply for federal grants and contracts, and it is essential to register with SAM if you want to participate in any federal funding opportunities.

One of the most important reasons to register with SAM early is that it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to validate your registration. This validation process is critical because it ensures your organization is eligible for federal funding. Without this validation, you may not be able to submit your grant application on time or at all.

Additionally, it is important to note that no other registrations are possible until you receive confirmation of an “Active” status on SAM. This means that you cannot apply for any federal funding opportunities until your registration has been validated and your status is active – regardless of the specific government funder, you are applying with.

SAM is not only a prerequisite for lead applicants on federal grants but for all consortium members and subawardees as well. If any other organization will be part of your grant project, they too need an active and valid SAM at the time of award.

The positive news is SAM is free of charge, and once you apply it is easy to maintain your registration with minimal effort. Annual renewal only takes several minutes. With the benefits an active SAM registration offers those applying to federal funding opportunities, we strongly encourage all small businesses who might apply for federal grants now or in the future to begin the registration process immediately.

If you are interested in applying for federal grants, it is crucial to register early with SAM to ensure that you are eligible to receive federal funding. With the validation process taking 6 to 8 weeks, registering early could be the difference between submitting your application on time or not at all. So, don’t delay. Register with SAM today!

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