Knowledge Vault: Grant Account Information Organizer

  • February 7, 2023

Anyone who has ever applied for a grant can attest to the fact that applicants are required to keep a sizeable amount of information at the ready throughout the application process. Many applicants do not consider this fact ahead of time and end up with important information hastily typed or scribbled in a handful of computer documents, notepads, and old receipts. When they need to reaccess the information, it is often nowhere to be found.

This common conundrum is what inspired us to create the Grant Account Information Organizer. With this tool, applicants can keep all their registrations, usernames, passwords, and other relevant information all in one place! This is convenient as many grants require the use of multiple registrations to gain eligibility. All federal grants, for example, require registration with the System for Award Management (SAM). Many federal opportunities also have proprietary application portals for grant submission in addition to SAM. Private funders too often have their own proposal submission platforms and may require additional information most business owners do not have memorized, such as the EIN or DUNS number.

While this tool was designed with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in mind, our team has found it works equally as well for clients applying to foundations, pitch competitions, accelerators, and more. This free tool in our Knowledge Vault was created with years of industry experience to provide a user-friendly resource to any grant applicant. Regardless of the type of proposal applied for, this tool can help keep information at the ready.

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