MIT Solve Global Challenge

  • June 27, 2018

With more than US$650,000 in potential funding up for grabs, MIT’s Solve Global Challenges, headed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aims to seek solutions for prominent issues by supporting and funding concepts around the world. Open to entrepreneurs around the world, the MIT Solve Global Challenge competition accepts technology-based solutions at all stages of development whether it’s in the idea stage, prototype, pilot, growth or scale stage, with criteria based on its potential for impact, scalability, feasibility, and innovative approach.

Solve’s four Global Challenges on Coastal Communities, Frontlines of Health, Teachers & Educators, and Work of the Future are closing for new submissions on July 1, 2018. If you have a solution, apply before it’s too late!

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Members champion Solve’s mission to address the world’s most pressing problems through partnership and open innovation: Support our 130 Solver teamssolving big Global Challenges Join our community of cross-sector leaders in social impact Collaborate with 100+ Members at year-round Solve events Photo: Solver Plastics For Change

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