Cali’s Books

  • December 20, 2022

We love the innovative ideas our clients bring to the table. We have seen some truly amazing products over the years. It is even more exciting when we meet a generous client who gives us a hands-on experience with their product. We were fortunate enough to receive such a gift from our client Cali Meyrignac, founder of Cali’s Books.

Cali’s Books began as a company creating sound books for children. Cali, a mom of two young children, grew up in France where musical board books are popular. The books have embedded sound buttons that babies and children push to hear songs. Cali created English versions of these books for her two children to enjoy at their home in Los Angeles. From there, the brand grew to sell thousands of books. The next product line featured recordable books that allow young readers to hear a story read aloud by a loved one. The next iteration of Cali’s books will be even more advanced and combine the best features of a paper book with the functionality of a digital e-reader. These books will improve reading comprehension in early learners through play-based interaction. Parents or guardians can track progress and influence lesson plans to help children learn more effectively.

It was so thoughtful of Cali to share her books with us. It was also beneficial for the proposal we collaborated on with her because it allowed us a deeper tactile understanding of her product and its features. This generous gift was even more special because it was addressed directly to one of the E.B. Howard Consulting team member’s six-month-old son, who loves story time and cannot get enough of Cali’s books. We are big fans of Cali and her amazing books and can not wait to see the next iteration of this fantastic product.

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