Dilutive Funding Options

  • November 7, 2018

Looking for dilutive funding? Want a Venture Capital firm that will take you seriously regardless of your gender and/or ethnicity? We have the list of VC firms for you.

Once in a blue moon, a client will come to us and tell us about an experience they had attempting to secure dilutive funding. Their perception is that they were not taken seriously even though they were as fully prepared as any other organization.

Their perception is that gender and/or ethnicity played a role in the decision-making process. Their company was not given as serious of consideration as other companies that were lead by other non-female founders & leaders.

This pisses us off.

So much so, that back in 2014 we started compiling a list of various investment firms that will take you seriously. If you bring your A-game of pitch preparedness and align with their criteria and focus, you will be given equal consideration. We can’t promise that you will be funded or what their investment will be, but can be reassured that gender and ethnicity are NOT part of their decision-making process.

We know that there are many out there and we know that not every single one that subscribes to this ideal is on our list (yet). However, we do update our database as we run into investment firms that align with this ideal. As always, be sure to check with each firm with regard to focus, fit, funding amounts, deadlines, and approach before applying.

If you would like an introduction to one of these funders, schedule a consult with us today.

Check out our list HERE

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What is Dilutive Funding?

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