Elevate Quantum Tech Hub: Official Tech Hub Designee by Biden-Harris Administration

  • July 2, 2024

We are thrilled to share in the excitement that Elevate Quantum Tech Hub, a client we proudly supported in their Phase I application, has been officially designated as a Tech Hub by the Biden-Harris Administration, part of the Phase II application. This prestigious recognition is part of a broader initiative, where the administration has announced the next funding round of $504 million to boost technological innovation and regional development across the United States.

The designation of Elevate Quantum Tech Hub as an official Tech Hub is a testament to their groundbreaking work in the field of quantum technology. This achievement highlights the importance of their innovative solutions and the potential impact they have on regional and national levels. The Tech Hubs Program aims to position various regions as leaders in critical technologies, thereby fostering job creation, economic growth, and national competitiveness.

We had the privilege of partnering with Elevate Quantum Tech Hub during their Phase I application process. Our team worked diligently to help craft a compelling and comprehensive application that showcased their capabilities and strategic vision. The success of this application has paved the way for Elevate Quantum Tech Hub to reach this significant milestone.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s announcement of $504 million in the next funding round is a strategic move to drive technological advancements and economic development. This funding will support designated Tech Hubs in their efforts to advance critical technologies, attract skilled talent, and foster an ecosystem of innovation. Elevate Quantum Tech Hub, along with other designees, will play a pivotal role in these efforts.

As Elevate Quantum Tech Hub embarks on this new chapter, we remain committed to supporting their journey. Our collaboration will continue to focus on leveraging the opportunities presented by the Tech Hubs Program to maximize their impact. We look forward to seeing the groundbreaking advancements and economic growth that will emerge from their work.

Elevate Quantum Tech Hub is spearheaded by Elevate Quantum, a consortium of over 70 organizations, including research institutions, government bodies, and private sector companies. The Tech Hub aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of quantum technologies, focusing on key areas such as Quantum Sensing, Quantum Computing, Quantum Networking, and Enabling Quantum Hardware.

With an initial recommendation for $41 million in grant funding from the EDA, Elevate Quantum plans to implement several transformative projects:

  1. Open-Access Quantum Labs and Fabs: Establish facilities for rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of critical quantum technologies.
  2. Inclusive Workforce Development: Develop programs across colleges, universities, and companies to create a skilled and diverse quantum workforce.
  3. Strategic Coordination: Oversee the consortium’s strategy, stakeholder engagement, and executive management to drive the Tech Hub’s vision forward.

The designation of Elevate Quantum Tech Hub as an official Tech Hub by the Biden-Harris Administration is a momentous achievement. It underscores the value of strategic collaboration, innovative vision, and the potential of quantum technology to drive regional and national growth. We are proud to have contributed to this success and remain dedicated to supporting our clients in their pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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