Immerse Yourself in Food & Ag Innovation

  • July 1st, 2022

Calling all agri-tech and food-tech businesses, funders, startups, students, researchers, and innovators! The can’t-miss event of the season is fast approaching: The 2019 Grow-NY Food & Ag Summit.

This event is two days of conferences, demonstrations, guest speakers, and emerging trends from experts hailing from around the world. Absorb the wisdom of two keynote speakers six industry leader panels and over 80 exhibits. Over 700 attendees are expected, and the pitch competition will allow one lucky startup will leave the event with a $1,000,000 grand prize.

The Grow-NY Food & Ag Summit is open to the public, so RSVP and order your ticket today!

In addition to attendees, the Grow-NY Food & Ag Summit is also seeking sponsors, presenters, and volunteers. As a volunteer, you would have the chance to be part of something great. Volunteers will help organizers with miscellaneous tasks such as answering guest’s questions, assisting and escorting participants to their seats, staffing the event, and helping with registration.

For those seeking to exhibit their product or idea, this is a great place to get some exposure while surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. The Grow-NY Summit is the ideal location to showcase inventive new technologies that could revolutionize ag-tech and food-tech. Showcase your regional excellence or introduce a new audience to proprietary consumer goods and products. An exhibitor application form can be found here. Booth costs start at $150 and space is limited.

This is the premier summit for emerging trends, outstanding products, and forward-thinking solutions in the farming and food industries.

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