Thinking about DOD #SBIR?

  • June 26th, 2022

The DOD #SBIR 16.1 and 16. A solicitation is open. The solicitation will close on February 17, 2016, at 6:00 a.m. ET.sbir

The objectives of the DOD #SBIR Program include stimulating technological innovation in DODโ€™s Science and Technology Emphasis Areas, strengthening the role of small business in meeting DOD research and development needs, fostering and encouraging participation by minority and disadvantaged persons in technological innovation, and increasing the commercial application of DOD-supported research or research and development results.

The DOD #SBIR Program follows the policies and practices of the Small Business Administration (SBA) SBIR Policy Directive and encourages of the flexibility of the SBA DOD #SBIR Policy Directive to encourage proposals based on scientific and technical approaches most likely to yield results important to the DOD and the private sector.

If you have not started the proposal and application process by February 1st, you may want to sit this round out. Highly competitive proposals can not be developed less than 30 days before the deadline. If you are interested in the next round, let’s plan a time to talk about your idea and why you think SBIR is a good fit. Schedule a consultation here.

Find updated DOD SBIR information here

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