ARPA-H Opens Another Funding Opportunity for Small Businesses

  • June 10, 2024

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) continues to drive health innovation forward, announcing a new funding opportunity through its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. With more than $40 million already awarded to small businesses, ARPA-H is once again calling on innovative companies to contribute to breakthroughs in health care.

Significant Funding for Health Innovations

To date, ARPA-H has awarded $40.2 million to small businesses working on a range of health breakthroughs. These projects span various innovative fields, from using artificial intelligence to improve health care to developing advanced transdermal drug delivery systems. This funding supports ARPA-H’s mission to achieve better health outcomes across a wide spectrum of health conditions and patient populations.

New Funding Opportunity

ARPA-H’s latest solicitation invites small businesses to submit proposals for groundbreaking research and development. This opportunity is designed to support innovative projects that can rapidly achieve better health outcomes. The final solicitation can be found on Proposals must be submitted by 11:00 AM ET on July 26, 2024.

Open Topics on the SBIR/STTR Solicitation

ARPA-H encourages proposals from small businesses aiming to address various health challenges. The open topics include:

  • 📈 Ambulatory Edema Monitor
  • 🔡 Predictive Language Models for Cognitive Disability Adaptive Communication Tools
  • 🧬 Cell and Gene Therapy Process Analytical Technology and Quality Control Testing
  • ⌚ Wearable Cell Sorting and Gene Delivery Systems
  • 🧠 Precision Brain Targeting: Non-Invasive Delivery at the Right Place and Time
  • 🥗 NutriTech: Revolutionizing Personalized Food as Medicine
  • 👂 Clinic-Ready Imaging Devices and Protocols for Visualizing the Inner Ear with High Accuracy
  • 🩸 Advanced Continuously Wearable Blood Pressure Monitoring Technologies

Importance of Small Businesses

“Countless small businesses are hyper-focused on breakthroughs that can revolutionize how we care for patients,” said ARPA-H Director Dr. Renee Wegrzyn. “When small businesses are included, high-tech innovation is stimulated.” Small businesses are crucial for driving high-potential, high-impact biomedical and health research, contributing significantly to ARPA-H’s goals.

Get Your Questions Answered

ARPA-H will hold an informational session on July 2, 2024, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET to provide details about the Small Business Program, including application processes, eligibility considerations, and specifics of the current open topics. Interested participants can register to learn more about how to apply and maximize their chances of securing funding.

Final Thoughts

ARPA-H’s ongoing support for small businesses through the SBIR/STTR programs is a testament to the critical role these companies play in health innovation. By submitting a proposal, small businesses have the opportunity to secure funding and contribute to groundbreaking health advancements.

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