Knowledge Vault: Strategic Planning and Branding

  • October 4, 2022

Before approaching investors, launching a product, or doing nearly anything as a company, it is integral to pinpoint the company’s reason for existing and begin developing a brand. While the brand is likely to change and evolve, it is important to start strong with a fantastic one-pager or strategic planning document that can be easily handed over to any investor, potential customer, or client who asks, “what is it exactly that this company does”?

Fortunately, this does not need to be a daunting task for those who visit the E.B. Howard Consulting Knowledge Vault to download the free Rebel Alliance and Strategic Planning template. This download illustrates the most essential components of a brand’s strategic planning. Bonus – it is Star Wars-themed. Using the Rebel Alliance as an example, this document prompts founders to list important branding features such as the purpose, goal, customer value, and business activities of the company.

The best part? Available to all, this download is and costs nothing it does. Before approaching investors of any kind, whether that be VC firms, the federal government, or foundations, it is important to know these foundational aspects of what makes the company an attractive investment. Thanks and credit to Ted Matthews, author of “Brand: It Ain’t the Logo”, for the template outline idea.

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