DSIP Registration and Login Changes – What You Need To Know.

  • August 13, 2020

On August 13th 2020 the Department of Defense (DOD) Small Business and Technology Office announced the DSIP integration with Login.gov.

What Action Does My Business Need To Take?

As a Small Business Concern (SBC) that is registered in DISP you will be required to register your business for a Login.gov account. Then you need to link that to your existing DISP account. If you already have a Login.gov account simply link your existing account to DSIP.

The partnership between DSIP and Login.gov will allow multiple options for two-factor authentication. This will make it easier and more secure for DSIP users to log in. In addition, users will notice enhancements to the DSIP Submissions homepage which will include helpful information. such as active BAA’s.

If you do not already have a Login.gov account you can create one by clicking at the top right corner on the DSIP Submissions homepage. Simply follow the steps there to create the account. If you already have a Login.gov account you can link it to your DSIP account, Click the Login / Register button in the top right corner of the DSIP Submissions homepage and entering your Login.gov credentials.

The DOD have provided videos to help you through this process which can be found here

Ready To Take the Next Step?

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